On My Way


Miles Away (acoustic demo)

On My Way

by Donnie Schexnayder | Truth & Magic

On My Way

Here we are at Day Four. This is the only song on Truth & Magic that isn’t autobiographical; it’s not really about me, but instead I wrote it for a character I created during the writing process and sang it from his perspective. Since there’s not much personal info to share about this one, I thought it would be a good opportunity to talk a little bit about my creative process and how I write songs.

I’ve been writing since I was a kid, and I’ve always recorded my rough ideas so I won’t forget them. It started out with my aunt’s old reel-to-reel tape deck, then moved onto cassettes and finally digital files (stored in Evernote), but I have literally HUNDREDS of song ideas stored away from over the years. When it’s time to work on something new, I’ll go back and revisit those old ideas I captured in the past and see if there’s something I can finish off.

On My Way is one of those songs. The main guitar riff was written back in the late 2000’s, and here’s the actual recording I made from that day. In this clip you can hear me fumbling around trying capture the idea just seconds after I came up with it:

On My Way is basically a love song about a guy who somehow got estranged from his lady and now wants to win her back. We’ve all had those moments when we realize we made a huge mistake, and we wonder if we’ve screwed things up beyond repair. It’s all about the passion he feels and how bad he wants to be reunited with her again. Can you relate?

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Miles Away

I have something really special to share with you today. You’re still here after a few days, so we’re beginning to get to know each other a little better…just so you know, nobody outside of my family has ever heard this song until now.

Can I get REALLY personal for a minute here? This song is probably the most vulnerable thing I’ve ever written. It’s a rough demo…just me sitting in front of my laptop with an acoustic guitar in my hands.

Miles Away is about the struggle of trying to connect with someone emotionally when that part of your soul is broken. And the consequences of not being able to. And the slow-burning ache of loneliness the other person feels. And feeling powerless to make it better. Somehow I was able to capture all of that emotion in this quick, impromptu recording…you can almost hear the cry for help in my voice.

I think most artists are conflicted (if we weren’t, there wouldn’t be much to write about), but I don’t like how easy it is for me to close off my heart and disappear into myself. After a lot of work, I eventually found the courage to feel, but there’s still that default tendency to back away from emotional pain and to distance myself from it’s source. This is about as real as it gets. 🙂

Miles Away (Demo)

by Donnie Schexnayder

Day Four is done – tomorrow is the grand finale!!

Thanks so much for sticking around for the ride. 🙂